Unstoppable with Kirk Cameron Is Rolling Out On DVD

Unstoppable Kirk Cameron DVDThere are hard questions facing the Church today.  One of the biggest of which is why does God allows bad things to happen to good people? Babes in Christ along with seasoned theologians are looking for answers.  Kirk Cameron, the author of Monumental, sets out on a journey to find the truth.  He faces the questions head on. What he finds may re-shape your faith.

Raising The Bar For Modern Christian Documentaries

Unstoppable is a new dynamic Christian documentary film that is focused on finding the truth.  Veteran Christian movie aficionado Kirk Cameron states “This is the most personal project I have ever made regarding my faith”.  He describes this journey as one he had to personally undertake.  Through examining his own questions and testing his own faith, he found the confidence to take others on this journey as well.

Kirk Cameron has a knack for going forward, raising the bar, and breaking new ground.  Every project seems to build upon what was learned from the previous one and Unstoppable, which has partnered with Provident Films is poised to have a huge impact.

Tested, Tried, & Found True

In this documentary film Kirk looks hard into the face of suffering in our world, and the age old question, of how could a good God permit terrible things to happen.  From personal tragedy to natural disasters, he looks at things that have caused the faith of many to suffer shipwreck.

However, his purpose is neither to discourage nor dissuade, but to temper the resolve of Christians around the world.  Kirk declared, “I came out on the other side of this meat grinder with my faith stronger than ever before.”

Two things that I have always admired about Kirk Cameron are his passion and sincerity. He is always all in. I am hopeful that this film will encourage your faith to be all in as well.

You can learn more, watch the trailer, or buy Unstoppable on DVD today.

In Christ,

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