Upcoming Bible Film Blockbuster | Exodus: Gods and Kings

Christian Bale in ExodusIf production schedules hold true, we will see yet another blockbuster Bible epic in 2014. Exodus: Gods and Kings is currently slated for a December 12 release. Christian Bale will star as Moses, accompanied by a decorated cast. This could very well be the next in line for a stream of modern biblical film epics.

A Big Year!

Beginning with Noah, 2014 has been quite a year for Bible movies. And many critics are divided over whether it has been a positive or negative year. There was a lot of disappointment within the Christian community over Noah, and with cause. Is there any hope for the story of Moses? I think so.

The biblical story of Exodus has something that Noah sorely lacks, dialog. Noah occupies a couple verses in the Bible wherein the main character has one speaking line, while Exodus occupies a full book. Likewise, the influence and account of Moses spans through several more books of the old and new testament. The need to literally invent dialog and even content just to fill time is not there with Moses, there is a lot for the writers and director to work with.

The Decorated Director

And speaking of directors, Ridley Scott is heading up Exodus: Gods and Kings. A huge part of me wishes that these films would be produced solely within the Christian film industry. However, Ridley Scott has worked on some tremendous pictures including Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Black Hawk Down, and many more. A huge portion of his films are historical type stories, which gives me hope that he will give justice to Exodus.

I am very excited to see and hear more about Exodus: Gods and Kings. Stay tuned!

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