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War Room Christian Movie Review

There are few things more precious to God than those who steadfastly trust in Him. We live in a generation where few understand what it means to place their confidence in the Lord. War Room is a powerful story about what can happen when a single person makes the decision to turn their life over to God and let Him fight the battles that only He can win.

Mighty In God

War Room is a movie about mentorship, prayer, love, and God’s faithfulness. It follows Elizabeth Jordan, a Christian woman whose life is slowly coming undone. While she believes in God, she is trapped in a downward spiral until she meets Miss Clara, a fiery old woman who begins to teach her how to be a true woman of God. As her heart begins to heal, Elizabeth grabs hold of God and finds the strength to reach for a brighter tomorrow.

But to see victory, Elizabeth must learn to fight; to take up new armor and new weapons, to trust the Captain of her salvation, and stand for her family in prayer.

The Kendrick brothers have done it again with this film. The best part is the authenticity. The characters, the dialog, the sets, and the story are very realistic. This is a first rate production, everything is done with excellence. Truly a seamless film made with skill and grace. There is seriousness but also humor, struggle but also hope.

God’s Fingerprints

While not based on a true story, this movie has God’s fingerprints all over it. And it is an absolutely wonderful tool for Movie Ministry. I can see countless lives being forever impacted by this film. It just opens the eyes of the viewer to see and consider things that most people are not open to examining. Subjects like family, marriage, integrity, and forgiveness are unpackaged right before our eyes.

The Gospel is here, truth is here, grace is here, and examples of a Godly life are right in front of us. For those willing to be honest with themselves and God, opportunities arise throughout War Room for lives to be changed, hearts to be mended, and light to shine through the darkness.

A Movie That Ministers

This is one of those movies that everyone should see, and everyone can enjoy. No matter what stage of life you are in, this film can minister to you, and help equip you to minister to others. I expected the film to be good but I did not expect it to build me up, encourage me, and leave me in a better place, and did all of that and more.

War Room is now available on DVD.

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In Christ,

George Konetes

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  • msFeathers

    Wish someone would have told me about 90 minutes in heaven. I could not wait for the movie to be over.

  • Todd Princl

    I read the book, but watching the trailer it did look like a movie that I wouldn’t want to see. I bought the movie “Heaven is For Real” big mistake that was. That movie lacked heart.
    War Room though I put it in my top 5 alltime Christian movies.