What is a True Story Christian Movie?

What is a True Story Christian MovieOne of the most frequent questions I get asked is what is a True Story Movie? The simple answer is; any Christian film that contains a story about something that God really did.  This is something that happened in the real world, and real people testified that it occurred.  It is something that was meant to be told, that has power in it to change lives.

Full of Creativity

A Christian documentary would definitely count as a true story Christian movie, as would a historic piece of Bible cinema. But there are a lot of other kinds of films that fall into this category too; family films, dramas, inspirational pieces, and even some comedies.  If something God did is woven into the story, then there is truth in it.

God has created a world full of variety, the works of His hands are endlessly creative, and the way He works in people’s lives is amazingly diverse.  So why should we limit the ways stories are told about what God did?

The truth is, I purposely made a decision not to be too picky. I believe our source of complete truth is God’s Word. So then the telling of any story, be it in person or on film is going to contain at least some human error. Nothing short of the Scriptures is perfect truth, so who am I to judge how perfectly true the telling of a story is?  Plus, as people, we tell stories based on how we understand them, not just written facts.

More Than History

There is something bigger here than just movies having some kind of historical element to them.  You see, Jesus IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6).  When something has elements of Truth in, it is another way of saying there are elements of Jesus mixed in.  His fingerprints are on the story.

God personally identifies with and as the Truth.  It is that important to Him.

So we should take notice and consider what we are watching, listening to, and reading.  If there is truth in it, then we should value it more.  If something tells the story of something God really did, we should pay more attention; we should let that movie stick with us.

No Substitute

I’m not anti-fiction though.  Jesus Himself taught with parables, with stories, with illustrations so that people could understand complex ideas.  These things can have real value and be a vehicle for Godly wisdom.  But when it comes to the truth, there can be no substitute.

And when someone makes a Christian movie about something that God really did, we should value that film more than the popular media of the day.  After all, it is another way of valuing Jesus more.

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In Christ,

George Konetes

George Konetes

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