What Makes A Christian Movie an Easter Movie?

Easter MoviesChristmas may be the high point of the annual social calendar, but among Believers there is no more important holiday than the one that memorializes the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  However, Christmas movies outnumber Easter movies something like 10 to 1.  To be fair, some of the biggest Christian movies ever made were of the Crucifixion, but there seems to be so few other types of films associated with Easter.  Why is that?

How Did This Start?

Some would say that the events surrounding the Resurrection are a bit limited so there are not many plots to build films around.  But if you think about it, Christmas is no more complex, and there is no more source material.  For some reason it seems that the birth of Christ is more a captivating and inspiring story for movie culture than His death and Resurrection. Or is it?

When I began putting together an Easter Movies category I really struggled with coming up with enough films to justify having  a page devoted to them.  But then I realized something.  I was not seeing things clearly.

What is “Easter” Anyway

“Easter” is not a Bible word.  It does not even have a Bible equivalent.  It was invented, (to describe things that had no connection with Bible) in about 900AD.  It was given Christian meaning a few hundred years later.  Not a real exciting history study, I know.  But what I came to realize is that while there are relatively few “Easter” movies, there are a lot of movies focusing on the events or the impact of the Resurrection!

Christian Movies Defined

You see, a Christian movie (as we call it) is a film that in some way has a connection with Christ. And at times that can be a bit of a loose or distant connection.  These films come in all shapes and sizes: true stories, Bible movies, creative fiction, dramas, children’s cartoons, the list goes on and on. These are works of cinema that may or may not be overtly religious.  They may be values driven or even allegorical in nature.

What Makes Easter Movies Different

But an Easter movie, is one that directly connects to history’s ultimate act of love and redemption. There is no two ways about, Jesus has strong representation.  These are films that mince no words and that deal with the heart of the matter.  Christ came, died, rose again, and paid the price so that we could be set free from sin.  The method for bringing these truths into the film may be unique but the message is there and it is unapologetic.

When you start thinking about things like this, then you have no problem finding films to the fit these criteria.  In fact, you may need to whittle down the list.

And this is the direction that we went when we created our Easter Movies category. We picked out a handful of choice films, ones that represent Christ the strongest or in unique ways.  And you would be surprised to see some of the different types of films that we found which meet these criteria.

In Christ

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