Where Can I Find Christian Movies Based On A True Story?

Is It Me Or Does It Seems Like Fiction Is Taking Over?

Finding True Story Christian Movies

 If you have ever asked yourself this question you are not alone.  I myself used to scour the internet looking for a reliable source of Christian movies that were based on a true story.  And sure that is part of the motivation behind starting TrueStoryChristianMovies.com but there is a bigger point to be made than that.

Hungry For Entertaining Christian Movies

Our culture is saturated with entertainment.  People are drawn to movies, videos, and the internet to feed their imaginations.  In a lot of ways it is easier to satisfy that need for entertainment with creative fiction films.  You can create the story however you want it to be, and if something is difficult to film or explain then you can simply change it to be simpler. And if the goal is to create a high volume of entertaining movies quickly, this is the easier approach.

I thank God, that in recent years, Christians have begun to seriously enter the movie industry and begin to produce outstanding Christian fiction movies.  There is now a steady stream of uplifting, edifying, and God centered entertainment, and it is only getting better.  These creative Christian fiction films reveal parts of the truth of God’s character.  This year alone we have seen some of the most entertaining Christian movies ever released, and some of the most inspiring.  However, when it comes to True Story Movies, there are some extra challenges to overcome.

The Challenges of Making True Story Christian Movies

True stories are not limitless, there are only so many.  Sure there are a lot, and more happen every day, but we do not have the luxury of just making them up.  Add to that the fact that God does not work in box.  He is creative, inventive, and does things in ways that boggle people’s minds. Some of the most spectacular testimonies include events or actions that we just do not understand, and it is hard to communicate them to people we do not know.  So if we turn those testimonies into Christian movies then we need a lot of skill to tell parts of the story in ways that anyone can grasp.

Hope For Christian Movies Based On A True Story

Sure there are challenges, but there is even more hope today than ever before for true story movies.  The world is starving for truth.  Not everyone realizes it, but their hearts want the real thing.  True story Christian movies deliver both the truth of God’s character along with the actual work of His hands.  And because of it we are seeing more and more true stories turned into movies.

The hunger for true story movies about God is growing.  And we know that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, shall be filled.

In Christ,

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George Konetes

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