Which Christian Movie Are You Going To See Easter Weekend?

Christian Movies In Theaters for Easter

Sometimes you have a Christian movie playing in theaters around Easter.  But I cannot even remember a time where there were three! We may not be taking over the box office, but for there to be three Christian films playing simultaneously, we are definitely sending a message.  Especially when we are talking about films that have both big budgets and national releases. Whether you like all of the Christian movie options currently playing or not, this is an exciting time for the Children of God!

So Many Choices!

Easter is a time to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ and His amazing sacrifice.  Many Christians receive or take extra time off to reflect, remember, and rejoice.  If you find yourself heading to the theater, you will notice more Christ centered-options on the Silver Screen this year than perhaps ever before!

So let’s cut straight to the chase, what are our movie going options?

1) God’s Not Dead – The story of a college freshman unexpectedly called upon to defend God or renounce his faith in front of his professor and classmates. This is one of the real success stories of the year–this Christian film was released on March 21st and has seen more and more theaters opening with it EVERY weekend since it was released.  To date it has brought in over $40,000,000 in ticket sales, which is 2000% more than the film cost to make!  I definitely recommend this movie; read our full Christian movie review on God’s Not Dead.

2) Heaven Is For Real – This heartwarming Christian film is the true story of a young child who had a near-death experience and visited Heaven.  As he recovered he began to tell about the things that he experienced and learned, many of which were impossible for him to otherwise know.  This looks to be one of the most promising True Story Movies of 2014!  Scheduled to release on April 16th, it is perfectly positioned for Easter. And as far as we can tell, they have done all the right things.  We cannot wait to see this movie!  Read more about Heaven Is For Real.

3) Noah – This true-ish film which is loosely based upon the scriptural account is more like a dark mystical hack and slash film than the Bible movie you might expect. Noah takes A LOT of liberties and has caused no small stir amongst Believers around the world. And while I am not endorsing the film, we do need to take into account that Hollywood has displayed a willingness to venture into the arena of producing Bible-based movies. I hope they stay truer to the story next time, but this was big step.

Small Steps – Big Victories

How amazing would it be if there were always two or three well produced and distributed Christian films in theaters? This is a milestone week, and I am hoping the trend will continue to swing upward.  Little by little ground is being gained and truth is finding its way into our theaters.

If you are able, head to the box office and show your support for whichever film(s) you feel impressed to see.  Every time you pay to watch a Christian movie you are casting a financial vote requesting more be made.

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In Christ,

George Konetes

George Konetes

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