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Woodlawn Christian Movie ReviewWoodlawn was a movie that had to be made. It is a story that glorifies God too much to be forgotten. Football may be the theme of the film, but the hand of God is what gives it life.  This is one of the most powerful Christian films of the year, and it is based on a true story, something God really did.

A Story of Redemption

In the 1970s, Birmingham, Alabama was a place where racial tensions ran high. Hate spilled out violently into the streets.  And tempers rose as racial integration began to take place both on and off the field.  In the midst of that turmoil, Woodlawn high school found itself in an impossible situation.  But with God, all things are possible.

A revival breaks out. Not just some distantly mentioned event that conveniently advances the plot. A full-out revival.  Nearly the entire football team comes to Christ.  And the move of God sweeps the school and spills out into the community. Star athletes rise up with one goal in their hearts, to glorify God on and off the field.  And did I mention that this really happened?

God’s Handiwork

Woodlawn is an amazing film, with an amazing story, a testimony to God’s own handiwork. This is no small production either, it is a full-out blockbuster.  The acting, the cast, the action, the production value, and dialog are all firstrate.  This film is a shining testimony to the power of God to change hearts.

This is not just a Christian movie in title. Christ is the center of the film. The name of Jesus is proclaimed throughout.  Scenes of a Billy Graham crusade are played as well.  There is prayer, preaching, forgiveness, and persecution.  And nothing feels forced, fake, or contrived.  It’s real, and part of the reason it feels so authentic is because it happened. The film is based on Woodlawn the book written by Todd Gerelds, the son of the head coach, who watched the whole story unfold first hand.

A Powerful Testimony

Everyone needs to see this film, whether you are a football fan or not. You need to know that God did this.  It will strengthen your faith, it will put courage into you, and it will give you hope to see the impossible come to pass in your life.

Woodlawn is available on DVD.

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In Christ

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  • Todd Princl

    I agree it was a great movie. I do think in my opinion War Room was better. That ending was so powerful. Anyway the hardest thing to process while watching Woodlawn was how easily the non-believers were converted. (if only it were that easy) Especially the opposing coach played by Thomas C Howell. I know he was not a big part of the story line, but his conversion could have been indulged in more.
    I liked how it brought me back to history that I didn’t even know and also how we as a nation need a revolution just like this movie portrays. I went during the day to watch and there were only 8 people in the whole theater.

    • Thanks for sharing Todd. I chalk some of it up to 1970’s Bible belt culture. In that area, most people were raised Christian, at least culturally. So, many times the so called “Conversion” is them coming back to God, or deepening their commitment. It is interesting to note though, that many of the “conversions” really did happen, and with relative speed.

  • Todd Princl

    We live in such a secular society and that makes it so hard to be a witness. We still try though. I think God for the strength of our southern states. They have stayed true throughout the ages. Still much hope and movies such as this just might warm some hearts with God’s love.